GarageBand is a full-featured Digital Audio Workstation which allows you to record sounds using either touch instruments, using the touch screen plugging in your tools or even recording own voice and other audio using the audio recorder.

GarageBand is a 32 track digital audio workstation which allows you to work in two modes track view and live loops view. These differ slightly, but both of them will enable you to record mix and release music. Live loops mood in particular lets you jump in and start creating sound without a whole heap of musical experience.

What separates GarageBand from other digital audio workstations is the available touch instruments. Hence, we have keywords, string sounds and can even play the guitars right there on the interface on the touch screen of your iPad, iPhone, Mac or even windows. Many of these instruments sampled from real-world instruments with high-quality stereo sound.

Want to create your beats will get an excellent backing drum track for your songs with GarageBand delivers with a fully-featured step sequencer as well as an automatic drummer, electronic and acoustic drums as well as a smart drum grid. Hence, however, you want to dial in your beats GarageBand has you all covered. If you are looking to run garageband on windows then you can check the detailed guide written on –

Massive range of loops and instruments and sounds included in GarageBand you can jump into the sound library to access a whole heap more and download new sounds with more free sound packs released all the time.

How to start to install GarageBand on Windows PC?

GarageBand is an Apple audio program that is being used by many well-known names to make or create music. It is one of the popular applications but is available only for Apple. There is no windows version available of this program, and there is only one way to make it work on windows.

Suppose you are crazy about GarageBand and have no MacBook that’s how to get it on your Windows PC. The better way to use GarageBand in windows PC is by using Virtual Machine. Run macOS Sierra within Virtual Machine, and it works fantastic. If the windows PC has the resources to run a VM version, then this is the only way to make it on windows.

Installation Process:

  • Firstly, download and install the virtual machine on your windows computer. Set up Virtual Box and install it into any drive with maximum disk space.
  • Download a copy of macOS Sierra into your computer and extract the components of it into the computer.
  • Open the Virtual Box application and click on new to create the Virtual Machine.
  • Set the guest OS as Apple MacOS X and the version to be as MacOS X 10.11 or 10.12.
  • Allocate memory as much as you can and also select Create a virtual disk now.
  • Click on create.
  • Click on the new virtual disk and select settings.
  • Remove the hard disk and select use an Existing Virtual Disk.
  • Search into your downloads and select the Sierra.MDK file.
  • Search into Documents/Virtual Machines in Windows Explorer and right-click on VMX file.
  • Paste ‘smc.version=”0” to the end of the file to save.
  • Click on the System tab in the settings section and make sure that Floppy does not check.
  • Click on the acceleration tab in the system and check the box next to Intel VT-x.
  • Click on OK to leave settings and select the green start arrow to load the VM.

Loading may take some time while depending on how fast your computer processor is. After some time, you will see Apple installation screen at some point where you will need to set your time, set up the account and password and also set up all the components.

Just run MacOX X in the Virtual Machine and use the original GarageBand. You do not need a monster machine to run it but adequately have at least 8GB Ram and i5 Processor and fast hard disk then you can run macOS X without any problem.

Alternate Process:

The first thing you have to do is enter the website On this website, you may find a description of what GarageBand is and screenshots of how the program works. You must download the package by clicking the download button. The files may about more or less 200MB extract it after downloading.

Open the GarageBand Folder and enter the main folder and then into the bin folder and next into the debug folder. In this folder, you will find GarageBand.exe file and copy it to the desktop to have access to full music software after running the program.

Once you have recorded your track, GarageBand has a full set of mixing features including plugins, effects and even a parametric EQ to make your tracks sound great. If it wasn’t enough, then you can use any other audio unit plugins by downloading a vast range of free apps in the app store. Then you can plug these in using the audio unit interface into GarageBand meaning you can expand your GarageBand out with a whole bunch of new and unique sounds.

In full-screen mode, you can use it nearly like a standard windows application. It involves only downloading a package of files and its very simple to download the packages, extract and install them and later run them smoothly on any Windows PC’s.

You can record, edit, arrange, and mix a variety of musical sounds at the instant. Once you have done creating something on the GarageBand, you can save it in the cloud. It allows the user to go back and listen to the music that you have created at any time on any device.