3 Ways to Safely Download Softwares Online

With digitisation ad rapid boost in technology, downloading has become part and parcel of our lives. Rarely do we come across someone who does not have a smartphone.

The easy accessibility to smartphones and computers have made it so common to download one thing or the other from the internet.

The apps in our smart TVs, smartphones, the software in our laptop, the pictures and videos on your tablet, the documents – we have downloaded all these umpteen number of times.

But we should keep in mind that the cyber world is not that simple. One should maintain proper safety and security while downloading anything from the internet. Precautions should be taken in order to ensure that your valuable data is safe. Trojans, malware, viruses are rampant and always in search of vulnerable IP addresses. Hackers use so many tactics and strategies to get a hold of your valuable data such as credit card details, your address, bank account details and so on.

It is, therefore, necessary that you download contents from reputed sites only. It is high time that we become weary of the unbelievable schemes being offered by various sites. Instead of falling prey to the hackers, it is useful to use your mind and brain and adhere to reputable websites. You can also scan files before downloading in order to look for viruses. To ensure safety, it is essential to run anti-virus software after downloading the file. You should be mindful of the file extensions as well.

The above-mentioned steps are quite general in nature. They will offer you protection but to a limited extent. Nevertheless, you have to follow them. We have come up with three more ways to ensure safety while downloading something. Here we go!


There are thousands of VPNs available, and each one claims to be the best. VPNs help in maintaining safety and security while downloading. Basically, a VPN creates a virtual encrypted tunnel and internet traffic travels via this tunnel. This makes your data secure. No creepy eyes can reach to your data. The IP address of your computer will not be visible. Rather, it will display the IP address of the VPN server. Thus your location and identity remain safe.

Top VPN that you can use:

  • Nord VPN: It is an all-rounder VPN that provides a lot of facilities to the users, the most significant being safety. If you want secure downloading, then this VPN can be a perfect choice. It offers extra robust malware protection.
  • Private internet access: This one is again an amazing choice when it comes to security while downloading contents. It can keep you protected against hackers, trackers, third party fake apps and malware.
  • Private VPN: It is an affordable way to maintain safety while downloading. It is a highly effective VPN that helps in strengthening the privacy and security of the users.

Proxy server

These servers act as a gateway between you and your internet system. They offer security and privacy at different levels. Also, they have several other functions to perform. One should choose a proxy server according to his need and preferences.

The meaning of proxy is a substitute. As you visit a website, a substitute IP address can be recorded by using a proxy server. The website that you have logged into will not be able to trace your IP address. You will remain anonymous while browsing online.

Top Proxy servers that you can use:

Hidester: You need not install any software or app to use this site. It is easily accessible on multiple platforms. You can choose the server from a variety of country. It will keep you anonymous. There will be no risk of identity theft or revealing valuable personal data.

Kproxy: Again, this proxy server focuses on your anonymity. You can keep back your IP address by utilising this proxy server. This assures complete privacy while browsing and downloading content.

Proxysite.com: It offers SSL or Secured Socket Layer encryption. This intensifies the level of security of the user. You can browse and download without any risk of facing cybercrimes.

Seedboxes: The function of a seedbox is to help in safe downloading as well as uploading of digital files. It provides anonymity to the users. Because of the remote hosting system, one should not worry about getting into any kind of legal troubles. It prevents the world from knowing what content you are downloading. Using this will ensure that only you have access to what you have downloaded. By using a seedbox, you will gain complete control over your privacy and safety.

Top Seedboxes that you can use:

  • Seedboxco: This is one of the best seedbox hosting services that have been offering privacy and safety to millions all across the globe. The technical team toils hard to remove any kind of glitches and make the app absolutely safe for the users. 
  • Seedboxbay: This is a newbie in the industry, but is highly efficient in offering utmost security and privacy to the users.
  • Iseedfast: This seedbox offers safety and privacy that too within budget. Is not it a great deal?

Do not forget to download any of the above-mentioned software or apps in order to keep yourself safe from the prying of the internet.