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GarageBand is a full-featured Digital Audio Workstation which allows you to record sounds using either touch instruments, using the touch screen plugging in your tools or even recording own voice and other audio using the audio recorder.

GarageBand is a 32 track digital audio workstation which allows you to work in two modes track view and live loops view. These differ slightly, but both of them will enable you to record mix and release music. Live loops mood in particular lets you jump in and start creating sound without a whole heap of musical experience.

What separates GarageBand from other digital audio workstations is the available touch instruments. Hence, we have keywords, string sounds and can even play the guitars right there on the interface on the touch screen of your iPad, iPhone, Mac or even windows. Many of these instruments sampled from real-world instruments with high-quality stereo sound.

Want to create your beats will get an excellent backing drum track for your songs with GarageBand delivers with a fully-featured step sequencer as well as an automatic drummer, electronic and acoustic drums as well as a smart drum grid. Hence, however, you want to dial in your beats GarageBand has you all covered. If you are looking to run garageband on windows then you can check the detailed guide written on –

Massive range of loops and instruments and sounds included in GarageBand you can jump into the sound library to access a whole heap more and download new sounds with more free sound packs released all the time.

How to start to install GarageBand on Windows PC?

GarageBand is an Apple audio program that is being used by many well-known names to make or create music. It is one of the popular applications but is available only for Apple. There is no windows version available of this program, and there is only one way to make it work on windows.

Suppose you are crazy about GarageBand and have no MacBook that’s how to get it on your Windows PC. The better way to use GarageBand in windows PC is by using Virtual Machine. Run macOS Sierra within Virtual Machine, and it works fantastic. If the windows PC has the resources to run a VM version, then this is the only way to make it on windows.

Installation Process:

  • Firstly, download and install the virtual machine on your windows computer. Set up Virtual Box and install it into any drive with maximum disk space.
  • Download a copy of macOS Sierra into your computer and extract the components of it into the computer.
  • Open the Virtual Box application and click on new to create the Virtual Machine.
  • Set the guest OS as Apple MacOS X and the version to be as MacOS X 10.11 or 10.12.
  • Allocate memory as much as you can and also select Create a virtual disk now.
  • Click on create.
  • Click on the new virtual disk and select settings.
  • Remove the hard disk and select use an Existing Virtual Disk.
  • Search into your downloads and select the Sierra.MDK file.
  • Search into Documents/Virtual Machines in Windows Explorer and right-click on VMX file.
  • Paste ‘smc.version=”0” to the end of the file to save.
  • Click on the System tab in the settings section and make sure that Floppy does not check.
  • Click on the acceleration tab in the system and check the box next to Intel VT-x.
  • Click on OK to leave settings and select the green start arrow to load the VM.

Loading may take some time while depending on how fast your computer processor is. After some time, you will see Apple installation screen at some point where you will need to set your time, set up the account and password and also set up all the components.

Just run MacOX X in the Virtual Machine and use the original GarageBand. You do not need a monster machine to run it but adequately have at least 8GB Ram and i5 Processor and fast hard disk then you can run macOS X without any problem.

Alternate Process:

The first thing you have to do is enter the website On this website, you may find a description of what GarageBand is and screenshots of how the program works. You must download the package by clicking the download button. The files may about more or less 200MB extract it after downloading.

Open the GarageBand Folder and enter the main folder and then into the bin folder and next into the debug folder. In this folder, you will find GarageBand.exe file and copy it to the desktop to have access to full music software after running the program.

Once you have recorded your track, GarageBand has a full set of mixing features including plugins, effects and even a parametric EQ to make your tracks sound great. If it wasn’t enough, then you can use any other audio unit plugins by downloading a vast range of free apps in the app store. Then you can plug these in using the audio unit interface into GarageBand meaning you can expand your GarageBand out with a whole bunch of new and unique sounds.

In full-screen mode, you can use it nearly like a standard windows application. It involves only downloading a package of files and its very simple to download the packages, extract and install them and later run them smoothly on any Windows PC’s.

You can record, edit, arrange, and mix a variety of musical sounds at the instant. Once you have done creating something on the GarageBand, you can save it in the cloud. It allows the user to go back and listen to the music that you have created at any time on any device.


5 Best Android Emulators to Play Android Games on Pc

If you love to play with the possibilities that an Android OS offers, such as installing third-party apps, altering the user interface, tweaking a change in the feel and look of the phone etc., then you will love to run the Android ecosystem on your Windows or Mac PC.

It is possible to simulate the complete Android experience on your PC using the emulators. Android emulators are extremely popular among gamers as well as app developers. General users too, utilise these emulators to experience the feel of Android complimented with a keyboard and mouse.

Android emulators come with endless possibilities on Windows 10. You can switch from your iPhone to Android, or can test out a custom ROM.

So, if you want to explore what else you can do by installing an Android emulator, have a look at the below-given list of five best Android emulators. Amidst the wide variety of emulators available out there, we know how difficult it may get to choose the right one.

So we have come up with a list of five most effective Android emulators that will give you a fantastic Android experience on your desktop. Have a look!


GameLoop has made it recently to the list of top Android emulators. Earlier, it was known as the Tencent Gaming Buddy. The emulator earlier supported a bunch of games, like PUBG, from the Tencent Developers. But now it offers extensive support to hugely popular game Call of Duty too. GameLoop is meant for Android gamers. It does not offer much support to other Android apps. Gamers definitely find this emulator exceedingly useful. 

GameLoop allows excellent keyboard and mouse integration. Also, it is an official partner of the game Call of Duty. Besides, it delivers high-end performance. So, if you want to play Android games like PUBG or Call of Duty, then GameLoop is definitely your cup of tea.


MEmu is a highly popular Android emulator for your PC. It allows you to play high-end Android games. The emulator is capable of offering considerably good features, which in turn makes the gameplay quite easy on PC.

MEmu enables users to customise high keyboard mapping. MEmu also allows virtualisation for your personal computer. Also, you will be glad to know that the emulator is compatible with NVidia, AMD and Intel.

Also, MEmu comes pre-loaded with Google Play Store. It allows you to browse and install the apps on your PC conveniently. Regular updates are available for the emulators. Thus new features keep getting added to the emulator and issues get fixed easily.


If we do not mention Bluestacks here, our list will be incomplete. It is one of the most sought after emulators for Windows and Mac PC. It is the perfect amalgamation of graphics, power and processing. The emulator allows users to play high graphics games.

It runs on the Nougat version. The emulator is six times faster than your smartphone. The emulator comes with an advanced key mapping and control system. Also, there’s an all-new game controls window. Also, the emulator allows you to take manual control settings according to your choice and preference. It is possible to run different apps using Bluestacks.

Remix OS Player

It is a heavily optimised emulator for playing games.  It allows users to map keyboard buttons as well as control the game according to your comfort. The developers have focussed on the area of gaming. The emulator is not compatible with AMD chipset. It requires Virtualisation Technology enabled in your BIOS. The emulator has a very clean and appealing user interface. There are a wide variety of customisation options available that allows the users to reap the benefits of Remix OS.

Also, it is a great platform for app developers to test their apps. The emulator is quite robust and comes with an inbuilt Play Store. The Game Toolkit that it offers to the users makes the games all the more enjoyable. This is the only emulator that allows users to play multiple games simultaneously. Remix OS runs on Marshmallow.

Genymotion Cloud

It is an extremely convenient and straightforward Android emulator which is dedicated towards the app developers. Genymotion allows you to run the Android apps over the cloud as a virtual machine. All you need is an updated browser and high internet speed.

The user interface of the emulator is quite intuitive and easy. You will need a powerful PC for the smooth functioning of the emulator. It allows users to test their apps as well as play games. The emulator gives you 1000 minutes of a free trial. There are a number of tools and plugins available for the purpose of testing the apps.

So, this is our preferred list of top five Android emulators. You can download any one from amongst them according to your needs and preferences, and you are good to go.

5 Live-Streaming Apps for Fortnite Streamers

Live streaming is getting immense popularity. People across the globe are embracing the idea of live streaming. Hence, most of the social media apps are coming up with features that enable users to live stream. All that one needs to live stream is a good smartphone and high-speed internet.

Livestreaming is getting popular because it is offering a better sense of connectivity and bonding. Genuine interactions create a better relationship. Also, live streaming helps you in boosting your sales. You can attract a lot of viewers and create engagement by live streaming about your products, services or so on. Whether you are a chef, a traveller, a gamer and so on, live streaming will improve your business manifolds. It allows you to enhance your reach.

You might also need some accessory softwares like MSI Afterburner and Streamlabs OBS to be able to full-throttle your computer and stream your games effectively.

There are so many live streaming apps available right now. If you are wondering which one will be best for you, then we are here to help. We have done extensive research and come up with a list of top live-streaming apps that will definitely give a boost to your vlogging life. Let’s have a look:


This is undoubtedly the leader in the market of live-streaming apps. It is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices. Users prefer to use this app for professional purposes. They also attach high-end webcams and video cameras. This app notifies you when accounts you follow go live.

Also, the feature called Popular Area lets you explore the trending topics. It allows you to upload a picture or a text that gives information about the ongoing event. It is extremely convenient to disable the microphone, just by tapping the button. Also, there’s a swap button to alter the back and front camera instantly.


This app is super easy to use. The user-friendly interface makes it all the more popular. This app is absolutely free and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can discover other streamers around you. Also, it allows you to find and follow trending streamers by using a specific feature.

The app allows you to share your broadcasting, even on Twitter. There is an active location sharing mode which allows the users to discover viewers from nearby locations. This increases the chances of interaction. Also, the app allows you to purchase coins called Super Hearts and gift it to your favourite live streamers.

You can also see and follow your viewers. It allows you to hide chats, doodle while streaming and save the broadcast in your phone memory. Also, the app allows you several privacy options, such as sharing the broadcast with public or friends.


This app is again an interesting one and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Also, this app allows you to monetise your broadcasting. There is a subscription business model to do this. Users can pay a monthly, yearly or per-session fee.

The app enables the commenting system. It boosts and enhances your social engagement. The conversion rates increase to a great extent. You can keep your audiences updated about the upcoming events, products and services. The app has PayPal as the payment gateway to make the payment process safe and hassle-free.

Instagram Live stories

The live stories feature was launched by Instagram back in the year 2016. But it got the much-needed attention of late only. In order to broadcast a live video, all you need to do is to swipe over to the right in the app and click or tap on the “Live” option.

The app allows you to comment or like while watching the broadcasts of your friends. When a user starts a live video, Instagram notifies his followers. A live tag can also be seen on the Instagram story of that user. When the broadcast ends, the live tag also disappears.

Facebook Live

Facebook is no more just a social networking platform. It has become a part of our lifestyle. Its service is no more limited to just social networking. Initially, only celebrities and popular personalities could use this feature. But now each and every Facebook user can use this feature. The screen at the bottom displays the comments of the viewers. Facebook live broadcasts can be watched on the web as well as on the app.

The app makes it possible to share live videos with a specific group of friends. Also, the app allows you to add filters and texts to make the broadcast all the more attractive and interesting. The users can also alter between front and back camera easily.

Now that you know which apps to use to take your live streaming game to the next level, download one according to your tastes and preferences. Hope you find this article useful.

Best iOS Games to Play During the Quarantine

The world is divided into iOS lovers and Android lovers. So is the case with gamers. Some believe that there is no better game than Android games. While the iOS lovers vote in favour of the iOS games. But to be honest, iOS games are better than the Android versions. The game developers pay special attention to all the technicalities. IOS-based games do not lag generally. Also, the performance issues are quite low.

With the pandemic engulfing almost all the countries for the world, people are forced to self-quarantine themselves. Dependence on the internet and social media have increased manifolds. Gamers too, have taken solace from the fact that now they can devote their whole day to playing games. In a time when gamers all around the world are getting exceedingly busy in playing and honing up rankings in respective games, the expectation for new game launches too has increased. Gamers all across the globe are eagerly waiting for the launching of several online as well as offline games.

We have come up with a list of several upcoming iOS games that you can play and have lots of fun. Here we go!


It is a collectable card game set, and is developed by Valve Company. It is similar to other games of the genre. The players are required to construct decks by using cards from their collections. Then they face each other in duels. In this game, civilizations are built around magical stones.

These magical stones let the inhabitants use magic and have the power to resurrect dead people. The story does not have any vital role to perform. It purely acts as a background for the characters and the accessories and equipment involved in the game.

Legends of Runeterra

This is again, a card game. The players have to fight duels while playing cards. These cards represent the Runeterra’s heroes. The game is set in the title land of Runeterra. Riot games studio has developed the game. Gamers get to perform lots of tasks in this game. The gamers have to use a self-created deck of cards and participate in duels. The characters have their own unique abilities, weaknesses as well as strengths. As the level increase, we gradually increase the collection of our cards. Also, we become capable of gaining shards and experience points. We also eventually get access to other parts of the world, such as Piltover, noxus, Demacia, Zaun etc. Also, the game allows the users to open boxes from the vault and obtain wildcards.

NieR Reincarnation

This is basically a mobile spin-off of the Japanese RPG action-series. Applibot studio developed this game. The game explores the storyline of the series NieR. The game gives us a glimpse into the bleak version of our future. The version shows that in future, only ruins of human civilization will be left behind on earth. The graphics are extremely attractive with three-dimensional effects. The sound effects, as well as the gaming ambience, is simply extraordinary.

Naruto – Slugfest

This is a popular manga game. The player has to help Naruto in defending the village from the organization of Akatsuki. It is a mobile MMRPOG manga game. Hydrogen Happy Limited has produced the game. Mars Era Games has released it. Naruto returns to his hidden leaf village after completion of his training with Jiraiya. Atsuka has a criminal organization which poses a threat to the village and the villagers. The gamer has to assist the heroes of the manga world for defending their homes.

It is a typical RPG game. The gamer gets to create his own unique character. He will get the option to choose from amongst the four options – Blazing Lotus, Earth Keeper, Thunder Assassin and Wind Shooter. All of these characters have different abilities and powers. The gameplay puts an emphasis on exploration of the environment, the performance of several tasks and fight battles in real-time.

There are certain additional activities as well as daily challenges that the game offers to the gamers. Each activity performed, helps in the accumulation of experience, which later on can be helpful in the development of skills. More upgraded equipment also get available to the users.

House Flipper

This is a unique investing as well as building construction simulation game. Empyrean has developed this game. You need to play as a businessman who needs to renovate housing properties. The tasks involve refurbishing, cleaning and furnishing the flat.

You have to tear down unnecessary walls, get rid of pest infestation and also, fix damages if any. You get to use several tools, for instance, an irreplaceable hammer. You may need to buy several items of decorations and furniture for decorating your house.

These are some of the iOS games that gamers all across the work are waiting for badly. Hope the developers launch the games soon and we get to play them super soon.

3 Ways to Safely Download Softwares Online

With digitisation ad rapid boost in technology, downloading has become part and parcel of our lives. Rarely do we come across someone who does not have a smartphone.

The easy accessibility to smartphones and computers have made it so common to download one thing or the other from the internet.

The apps in our smart TVs, smartphones, the software in our laptop, the pictures and videos on your tablet, the documents – we have downloaded all these umpteen number of times.

But we should keep in mind that the cyber world is not that simple. One should maintain proper safety and security while downloading anything from the internet. Precautions should be taken in order to ensure that your valuable data is safe. Trojans, malware, viruses are rampant and always in search of vulnerable IP addresses. Hackers use so many tactics and strategies to get a hold of your valuable data such as credit card details, your address, bank account details and so on.

It is, therefore, necessary that you download contents from reputed sites only. It is high time that we become weary of the unbelievable schemes being offered by various sites. Instead of falling prey to the hackers, it is useful to use your mind and brain and adhere to reputable websites. You can also scan files before downloading in order to look for viruses. To ensure safety, it is essential to run anti-virus software after downloading the file. You should be mindful of the file extensions as well.

The above-mentioned steps are quite general in nature. They will offer you protection but to a limited extent. Nevertheless, you have to follow them. We have come up with three more ways to ensure safety while downloading something. Here we go!


There are thousands of VPNs available, and each one claims to be the best. VPNs help in maintaining safety and security while downloading. Basically, a VPN creates a virtual encrypted tunnel and internet traffic travels via this tunnel. This makes your data secure. No creepy eyes can reach to your data. The IP address of your computer will not be visible. Rather, it will display the IP address of the VPN server. Thus your location and identity remain safe.

Top VPN that you can use:

  • Nord VPN: It is an all-rounder VPN that provides a lot of facilities to the users, the most significant being safety. If you want secure downloading, then this VPN can be a perfect choice. It offers extra robust malware protection.
  • Private internet access: This one is again an amazing choice when it comes to security while downloading contents. It can keep you protected against hackers, trackers, third party fake apps and malware.
  • Private VPN: It is an affordable way to maintain safety while downloading. It is a highly effective VPN that helps in strengthening the privacy and security of the users.

Proxy server

These servers act as a gateway between you and your internet system. They offer security and privacy at different levels. Also, they have several other functions to perform. One should choose a proxy server according to his need and preferences.

The meaning of proxy is a substitute. As you visit a website, a substitute IP address can be recorded by using a proxy server. The website that you have logged into will not be able to trace your IP address. You will remain anonymous while browsing online.

Top Proxy servers that you can use:

Hidester: You need not install any software or app to use this site. It is easily accessible on multiple platforms. You can choose the server from a variety of country. It will keep you anonymous. There will be no risk of identity theft or revealing valuable personal data.

Kproxy: Again, this proxy server focuses on your anonymity. You can keep back your IP address by utilising this proxy server. This assures complete privacy while browsing and downloading content. It offers SSL or Secured Socket Layer encryption. This intensifies the level of security of the user. You can browse and download without any risk of facing cybercrimes.

Seedboxes: The function of a seedbox is to help in safe downloading as well as uploading of digital files. It provides anonymity to the users. Because of the remote hosting system, one should not worry about getting into any kind of legal troubles. It prevents the world from knowing what content you are downloading. Using this will ensure that only you have access to what you have downloaded. By using a seedbox, you will gain complete control over your privacy and safety.

Top Seedboxes that you can use:

  • Seedboxco: This is one of the best seedbox hosting services that have been offering privacy and safety to millions all across the globe. The technical team toils hard to remove any kind of glitches and make the app absolutely safe for the users. 
  • Seedboxbay: This is a newbie in the industry, but is highly efficient in offering utmost security and privacy to the users.
  • Iseedfast: This seedbox offers safety and privacy that too within budget. Is not it a great deal?

Do not forget to download any of the above-mentioned software or apps in order to keep yourself safe from the prying of the internet.

Best Android Games to Play During the Quarantine

The whole world is going through a devastating pandemic, and everyone is feeling safe, locked inside their room. Amidst such a bleak time, when we have nowhere to go, no social life to enjoy and no work to do, we tend to while away our time by indulging in online games, cooking, doing something creative and so on. All those gamers out there who were not able to manage well their gaming life and work-life together, are now feeling a bit of temporary relief. They can now play games with their heart’s content with no one to disturb them.

Gamers all across the world are busy nowadays in increasing and honing up their gaming skills. Some of the most trending games are experiencing the highest percentage of gamer’s engagement. So we have curated a list of top Android games that are trending nowadays. Have a look:

Sky: Children of the Light

This game took almost a year to get launched on the Android platform. It is an absolutely fun-filled game. The elegant art style of the game, the tranquil world and an adventure full of relaxation make the game unique.

The focus of the game is exploration and socializing. Basically, your game is to discover the lost stars and guide them back to their constellations. You get to learn new things from the stars. There are no dazzling gruesome battles to be fought up in the sky. Completionists will get a lot to do while casual gamers will get to see a lot of things while in the game.

The gameplay is captivating. Its design and art style make you mesmerized. The cape that your character adorns helps it to glide, fly, and get to different places. The awe-inspiring graphics make you crave for more. There are in-game currencies as well as in-game items.

Death Road to Canada

This game is freaking awesome. You will face a zombie apocalypse. You have to lead your scrappy squad on a dangerous mission. You will be able to explore as well as loot places, all the while boosting the health and morale of your team. This is a dynamic road trip to Canada. You can generate your character or custom design. The learning curve of the game is quite steep, and you will take some time to get accustomed to the controls. There are about ten different modes in the game that you need to unlock gradually. It is a paid app, but the rogue zombie gameplay is worth the investment.

Battle Chasers: Night war

This is an award-winning JRPG that will give you the utmost mobile RPG experiences. You need not worry about any in-app purchases or paid DLC. The polished gameplay and its sense of completeness make the game all the more attractive and interesting. There are hidden caves that you need to explore. Epic rivals will come to bring you down. You will get lots of surprises on your way.

Its turn-based combats are fought between your favourite JRPG genres. The dense and sprawling gaming world is full of enemies. You can upgrade your armours, weapons as well as magical jewelry.

The storyline of the game revolves around a young girl Gully, who is on a mission to find her long lost father. Gully needs to learn how to wield her father’s magical gauntlets. She will go pass the Grey Line to know the truth behind her father’s last mission. You can definitely check this game out and give it a try to explore the adventurous world of Battle Chasers.


This is a multiplayer survival-based royal battle game. This fast-paced game will definitely boost your adrenaline rush. You can play a solo match or participate in teams of two, or four. The game allows you to communicate with all the team members while playing. While fighting opponents, you can explore cities, unique terrain and buildings. You can loot these places to collect your supply. Also, the game offers different modes such as arcade, arena, payload and classic.  The game environment keeps shrinking with time, and you have to turn out victorious by remaining inside the safe zone and killing all your rivals. The graphics are excellent. The gameplay is stunning. PUBG has the ability to keep you glued to your mobile or desktop screen for hours.

Star wars

Knights of the Old Republic – This game is popularly known as KOTOR. If you are a diehard fan of the Star Wars universe, then this game is a must-play for you. BioWare came up with this game originally. It is one of the top RPG games of all times. It is a bit expensive, but the gameplay will compensate for that. The story, the combat, the graphics, everything has fallen right into the place. Hence, the game feels like a masterpiece. Do give it a try once if you are a fan of Star Wars. You will fall for it.

If you are feeling bored at your home, you can download a few of the above-mentioned games. Trust me, the games will keep you busy and happy all the time.

5 Best iOS Emulators to Play iOS Games on Pc

It is quite advantageous to use an iOS emulator for running mobile apps on your desktop operating system. You can simply duplicate the smartphone device’s behaviour and that too, without any extra hardware cost. App developers, too, can test their apps using these emulators.

Android emulators are available in plenty. But iOS users are not that lucky. There is a limited number of options when it comes to iOS emulators. If you are worried about which emulator to use for your PC, go through the list that we have curated to ease down your complications. Some of these listings will be free while others will allow you to use them for a specific free trial period. Have a look!

This iOS emulator is exceedingly convenient to use. It offers premium services to the users. is one of the best solutions to cater to your needs. It needs you to upload your apps on its website, and you are sorted.

App developers can utilise this emulator for streaming iOS simulators in the browser for the purpose of embedding apps in websites. Testing and other steps involved in app development. The emulator gives you a free trial period of 100 minutes. Also, it allows you to monitor the usage from the dashboard and set up alerts for limits.


TestFlight is now owned by Apple. It allows app developers to beta test their iOS apps. Also, Apple officially recommends this emulator as the best testing method for apps.

It has extensive documentation which is a plus point for this iOS emulator for your PC. It supports apps related to iOS, watches OS, TV OS and iMessage. It also enables users to perform external beta testing of the apps. But it has a technical set up which is quite complicated and also requires App Store distribution profile. It is a free emulator.


This emulator does its job in the form of Chrome extension. It is extremely popular among the app developers for testing cross-platform HTML5 and mobile applications. Also, unlike TestFlight, it does not have a complicated setup. 

The aim of this emulator is to help the developers by offering features like HTML DOM inspection, JS debugging, Automated Testing and much more. It is possible to run the apps on several screen resolutions and devices that too in real-time. This emulator for your desktop does not require to be restarted, even when you choose a new device. This makes the user experienced quite smooth and hassle-free. This emulator, too, comes free of cost.


Several tools and equipment are there which provide an iPad or iPhones like experience on your PC and MAC. But those solutions do not allow users to upload code or app and test it. Instead, they perform like a custom layer over your OS. In case you wish to use an IOS simulator that is capable of imitating the design and appearance of iOS hardware, you can opt for ipadian. It is a paid iOS emulator for your PC. A free version is there too. But the free version is for the users who are interested in running the apps on their PCS. It is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

Electric mobile studio: It is again a paid emulator that helps in testing as well as running iOS apps on Windows PC. But a free trial period of seven days is offered to the users. Some of its best features include full-fledged emulation of iPhone, responsive apps and iPad. Also, the emulator enables the users to utilize the same product on two machines for common work purpose at the workplace or even at homes.

We hope you find this list of iOS emulators useful. Download anyone from amongst this acc0ording to your needs and requirements, and you will be able to run the apps or even test them on your PC.

Best Softwares for Game Developers in 2020

As a game player, we are sure you must be facing a plethora of issues on an everyday basis. Hence to provide you with a smooth flow, here we have curated a concrete list of top  Software that can Transform your Gaming Experience. All of these tools come handy to make your gaming experience a worthwhile one. All of these game design software is super easy to use. All you have to do is to drag-and-drop functionaries as it gives out great flexibility, adaptability, and creativity to the player.

Out of thousands of game software, here we have ranked a few premium ones, check out the list:


Unity is basically used to create half of the games of the world. This is basically a real-time platform that is powered by tools and a plethora of services. Moreover, unity does offer a huge range of possibilities and opportunities to the many gamers out there. The individuals who are hard-core gamers always look forward to software, which helps them have a smooth experience. No gamer wants to continue to play his or her game with many obstacles. Unity makes sure to create a space for all the game developers across various applications and industries. These opportunities and spaces are created through collaborations, next-gen runtime, artist features or graphic rendering, etc.


The top software GDevelop js considered as an open-source. It is basically a cross-platform creator of the game, which is specifically designed to be used by and everyone as it does nor filters out. An individual not necessarily needs to have a programming skill and can function with basic computer knowledge as well. What makes Gdevelop unique is it’s very easy to interface, the platform is so simple and user-friendly which attracts people to stay here. Another feature is its events. Basically, events form a very powerful way of expressing the entire concept or logic which is used in a game. For this, the gamer does not really need to learn programming languages and make extra efforts. The concept of visual programming is taken very seriously by Develop. Hence it allows the individuals to add on behaviour that is ready-made to the objectives of the game. This eventually allows the gamer to make nee behaviours using events such as ‘Easy to Learn.’

Indie Game Maker

Are you someone who is full of ideas? Do you currently also have an idea about a game or about a character in the game? If yes, then you are where you should be. It is now time to put your ideas into reality. Get the creative idea out of your head and paint it on this beautiful digital canvas where you can develop your entire concept and share it with all of your friends. Form your own art concepts and model sheets with the help of this software. One can even use a variety of 3D tools to bring your own character to life. All that you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

A: Create a 3D model

B: Next is to texture it

C: Rig it

D: Animate is properly.

Now bring in all of your characters together and environment them to play your game and enjoy.


This is one software that makes the entire process of gaming very easy. It has everything that a gamer can actually ask for. This software does not really have any barriers to enter and exit. It allows a free flow of entry and exit for all the players out there. GameMaker Studio 2 can be considered as an ultimate environment for the purpose of 2D development. Another premium feature about this platform is that it does not need players to know high-end programming skills. Basic understanding of the game and technology is all that the players are expected to know.

Download Gacha Life 2020 For Windows and MAC for Free

Gacha Life is the latest game by Lunime, which was released back in October 2018 for the android and IOS platforms. It’s packed with thrilling adventures and is no less than a great gift by the Lunime to anime lovers.

There are 20 characters available in the game, which are all inspired by anime. You can start by dressing up the characters as per your needs. Also, you can customize them using several accessories like hairstyle, sleeves, hats, dresses, pants, and plenty of other things. If you are fond of dressing games, then you are assuredly going to make an impact on the game.

It’s undoubtedly notable that the word ‘Gacha’ hails out from the Japanese language, which means a toy machine. It is a toy machine that can be usually found in Japan in several places. The game has become a talk of the town, ever since it was released.

There is no doubt that Gacha Life is amongst those exceedingly popular games which can eliminate the boredom anytime. As compared to the typical dressing games, it offers way too much for the users to design the avatars.

The game is popular to the extent that it has already surpassed 10 million downloads and an impressive rating on the Play Store. You cannot miss out on playing it if you call yourself an anime lover. The game will never fail to stand your expectations.

For those who are finding ways to stay occupied during the quarantine, there is no better game than Gacha to play. If you are someone who prefers to play the games on the widescreen, then relax, we have it all got it figured out for you.

Apart from dressing up the characters, Gacha Life is a beautiful wonderland that allows you to explore an endless number of things. 

You are surely going to get awestruck on knowing about its ‘life mode’, which allows you to explore the different locations in the game. Whether your character wants to ride a horse or drive a car at a fast pace, it is all possible in the Life mode. The life mode can be accessed offline as well, it’s because the internet connection is not required to play some parts of this game. However, the sad part is that you will not be able to interact with the other active players in the offline mode.

How to Run Gacha Life on PC?

As we all know, the Gacha Life is only available for the IOS and Android platforms. But, still, you can access the game on your laptop or computer with ease without facing complications. Also, you don’t need to be a tech savvy person to figure out how to play it on your PC. Downloading this game is a pretty easy affair and just a matter of few moments.  It can be quite frustrating to face the unwanted, annoying spam text messages and calls while playing the game. Therefore, we have come up with an all-new method to download the game on your PC. 

It is notified that such games have an ability to drain out the battery of your mobile. Thus, the people who are a big fan of anime might be extensively hunting for the simpler steps to download this game on PC or laptop. But what happens then it, you end up getting all your time and efforts wasted.

Some people come across infected zip files, which can cause severe damage to their devices. Thus, it is not at all recommended to download files from unknown places. However, it is always a good idea to download the files from official websites to elude from the malware, spyware, virus, etc. The following are the simple steps, which you can follow to download this game. These steps are 100% free and they are accompanied with an ability to work for all type of devices. Let’s take a look:

  1. Visit the official website of the Bluestacks and download the emulator from there for free.
  2. Open the downloaded file and complete the installation process.
  3. After installing the emulator, click on the search button.
  4. Now, type Gacha Life in the search box.
  5. Select Gacha Life from the results and install it. Once done, you are all set to play the game in your PC.

You need to apply all of the above-mentioned steps rather carefully. On the completion of this whole procedure, you would be able to get away from the unwanted links from those unknown sources. It is recommended to take a look at the minimum requirements to play the game in your PC so that you won’t have to deal with the issues such as lags, errors, or various bugs.

Required system specifications

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 10
  • Required RAM- 512 MB
  • Required Disk Space- 200 MB

You must have these specifications on your computer or laptop to play the game. Make sure your device meets these requirements before getting started with the downloading process. However, you can still try and see if it works.

Recommended system requirements

  • Windows 10, Windows 7, or Windows XP
  • Recommended Disk Space – 1 GB or more
  • Recommended Ram- More than 512 MB
  • Installing a graphic card in your PC is also recommended to have a smooth experience of playing the game.

Get ready to conquer all of the players in the game and make an enormous impact if you have the above-mentioned system specifications on your PC. Just make sure you only download the Bluestacks to from its official website to get away from the unwanted links and viruses.

Features of Gacha Life

There are plenty of features incorporated in this game and these can consume some of your time for being explored and understood. However, the features of the game are not that complex. Once you play the game twice or thrice, you will start to perceive it in the finest possible manner and get used to it. However, there is also going to be a short tutorial popping up in the beginning when you start this game. Read those outright tutorials thoroughly to understand the game better.

You can play this game without even paying a single penny to download for downloading it. However, there shall be a need to pay some bucks only if you want to purchase the additional accessories of this game. But, if you have a plethora of gems collected while playing this game, you can even buy those accessories with them. You can collect these gems as much as you want by playing the mini-games. There are number features available in the game. Let’s have a look at them below:

Character Creation- Choose from a massive collection of accessories available in the game. There is a whole array of features providing you the best experience while playing it. You can make your character look extremely appealing to impress other online players.

Mini-games- There are eight mini-games available in the game. You can play them with an intention of earning loads of gems. Later on, you can spend them in buying gifts for your newly made online friends via Gacha Life. Also, you can utilize the gems to spend them later on the outfits.

Studio Mode- Studio mode is the widely used feature of the game. It assists in creating the skits and make your own stories. It is one of the most powerful features which is often used by YouTubers and Tik Tokers to make certain skits and grab millions of views.

Life mode- Explore the wonderland of Gacha’s life by exploring the different locations in the game. There are places such as the town, schools, etc. where your character can roam amidst. While you travel from place to place, you will also get to meet numerous people. Communicate with them via chat and get to know more about their lives.