Best iOS Games to Play During the Quarantine

The world is divided into iOS lovers and Android lovers. So is the case with gamers. Some believe that there is no better game than Android games. While the iOS lovers vote in favour of the iOS games. But to be honest, iOS games are better than the Android versions. The game developers pay special attention to all the technicalities. IOS-based games do not lag generally. Also, the performance issues are quite low.

With the pandemic engulfing almost all the countries for the world, people are forced to self-quarantine themselves. Dependence on the internet and social media have increased manifolds. Gamers too, have taken solace from the fact that now they can devote their whole day to playing games. In a time when gamers all around the world are getting exceedingly busy in playing and honing up rankings in respective games, the expectation for new game launches too has increased. Gamers all across the globe are eagerly waiting for the launching of several online as well as offline games.

We have come up with a list of several upcoming iOS games that you can play and have lots of fun. Here we go!


It is a collectable card game set, and is developed by Valve Company. It is similar to other games of the genre. The players are required to construct decks by using cards from their collections. Then they face each other in duels. In this game, civilizations are built around magical stones.

These magical stones let the inhabitants use magic and have the power to resurrect dead people. The story does not have any vital role to perform. It purely acts as a background for the characters and the accessories and equipment involved in the game.

Legends of Runeterra

This is again, a card game. The players have to fight duels while playing cards. These cards represent the Runeterra’s heroes. The game is set in the title land of Runeterra. Riot games studio has developed the game. Gamers get to perform lots of tasks in this game. The gamers have to use a self-created deck of cards and participate in duels. The characters have their own unique abilities, weaknesses as well as strengths. As the level increase, we gradually increase the collection of our cards. Also, we become capable of gaining shards and experience points. We also eventually get access to other parts of the world, such as Piltover, noxus, Demacia, Zaun etc. Also, the game allows the users to open boxes from the vault and obtain wildcards.

NieR Reincarnation

This is basically a mobile spin-off of the Japanese RPG action-series. Applibot studio developed this game. The game explores the storyline of the series NieR. The game gives us a glimpse into the bleak version of our future. The version shows that in future, only ruins of human civilization will be left behind on earth. The graphics are extremely attractive with three-dimensional effects. The sound effects, as well as the gaming ambience, is simply extraordinary.

Naruto – Slugfest

This is a popular manga game. The player has to help Naruto in defending the village from the organization of Akatsuki. It is a mobile MMRPOG manga game. Hydrogen Happy Limited has produced the game. Mars Era Games has released it. Naruto returns to his hidden leaf village after completion of his training with Jiraiya. Atsuka has a criminal organization which poses a threat to the village and the villagers. The gamer has to assist the heroes of the manga world for defending their homes.

It is a typical RPG game. The gamer gets to create his own unique character. He will get the option to choose from amongst the four options – Blazing Lotus, Earth Keeper, Thunder Assassin and Wind Shooter. All of these characters have different abilities and powers. The gameplay puts an emphasis on exploration of the environment, the performance of several tasks and fight battles in real-time.

There are certain additional activities as well as daily challenges that the game offers to the gamers. Each activity performed, helps in the accumulation of experience, which later on can be helpful in the development of skills. More upgraded equipment also get available to the users.

House Flipper

This is a unique investing as well as building construction simulation game. Empyrean has developed this game. You need to play as a businessman who needs to renovate housing properties. The tasks involve refurbishing, cleaning and furnishing the flat.

You have to tear down unnecessary walls, get rid of pest infestation and also, fix damages if any. You get to use several tools, for instance, an irreplaceable hammer. You may need to buy several items of decorations and furniture for decorating your house.

These are some of the iOS games that gamers all across the work are waiting for badly. Hope the developers launch the games soon and we get to play them super soon.