Best Android Games to Play During the Quarantine

The whole world is going through a devastating pandemic, and everyone is feeling safe, locked inside their room. Amidst such a bleak time, when we have nowhere to go, no social life to enjoy and no work to do, we tend to while away our time by indulging in online games, cooking, doing something creative and so on. All those gamers out there who were not able to manage well their gaming life and work-life together, are now feeling a bit of temporary relief. They can now play games with their heart’s content with no one to disturb them.

Gamers all across the world are busy nowadays in increasing and honing up their gaming skills. Some of the most trending games are experiencing the highest percentage of gamer’s engagement. So we have curated a list of top Android games that are trending nowadays. Have a look:

Sky: Children of the Light

This game took almost a year to get launched on the Android platform. It is an absolutely fun-filled game. The elegant art style of the game, the tranquil world and an adventure full of relaxation make the game unique.

The focus of the game is exploration and socializing. Basically, your game is to discover the lost stars and guide them back to their constellations. You get to learn new things from the stars. There are no dazzling gruesome battles to be fought up in the sky. Completionists will get a lot to do while casual gamers will get to see a lot of things while in the game.

The gameplay is captivating. Its design and art style make you mesmerized. The cape that your character adorns helps it to glide, fly, and get to different places. The awe-inspiring graphics make you crave for more. There are in-game currencies as well as in-game items.

Death Road to Canada

This game is freaking awesome. You will face a zombie apocalypse. You have to lead your scrappy squad on a dangerous mission. You will be able to explore as well as loot places, all the while boosting the health and morale of your team. This is a dynamic road trip to Canada. You can generate your character or custom design. The learning curve of the game is quite steep, and you will take some time to get accustomed to the controls. There are about ten different modes in the game that you need to unlock gradually. It is a paid app, but the rogue zombie gameplay is worth the investment.

Battle Chasers: Night war

This is an award-winning JRPG that will give you the utmost mobile RPG experiences. You need not worry about any in-app purchases or paid DLC. The polished gameplay and its sense of completeness make the game all the more attractive and interesting. There are hidden caves that you need to explore. Epic rivals will come to bring you down. You will get lots of surprises on your way.

Its turn-based combats are fought between your favourite JRPG genres. The dense and sprawling gaming world is full of enemies. You can upgrade your armours, weapons as well as magical jewelry.

The storyline of the game revolves around a young girl Gully, who is on a mission to find her long lost father. Gully needs to learn how to wield her father’s magical gauntlets. She will go pass the Grey Line to know the truth behind her father’s last mission. You can definitely check this game out and give it a try to explore the adventurous world of Battle Chasers.


This is a multiplayer survival-based royal battle game. This fast-paced game will definitely boost your adrenaline rush. You can play a solo match or participate in teams of two, or four. The game allows you to communicate with all the team members while playing. While fighting opponents, you can explore cities, unique terrain and buildings. You can loot these places to collect your supply. Also, the game offers different modes such as arcade, arena, payload and classic.  The game environment keeps shrinking with time, and you have to turn out victorious by remaining inside the safe zone and killing all your rivals. The graphics are excellent. The gameplay is stunning. PUBG has the ability to keep you glued to your mobile or desktop screen for hours.

Star wars

Knights of the Old Republic – This game is popularly known as KOTOR. If you are a diehard fan of the Star Wars universe, then this game is a must-play for you. BioWare came up with this game originally. It is one of the top RPG games of all times. It is a bit expensive, but the gameplay will compensate for that. The story, the combat, the graphics, everything has fallen right into the place. Hence, the game feels like a masterpiece. Do give it a try once if you are a fan of Star Wars. You will fall for it.

If you are feeling bored at your home, you can download a few of the above-mentioned games. Trust me, the games will keep you busy and happy all the time.