5 Best iOS Emulators to Play iOS Games on Pc

It is quite advantageous to use an iOS emulator for running mobile apps on your desktop operating system. You can simply duplicate the smartphone device’s behaviour and that too, without any extra hardware cost. App developers, too, can test their apps using these emulators.

Android emulators are available in plenty. But iOS users are not that lucky. There is a limited number of options when it comes to iOS emulators. If you are worried about which emulator to use for your PC, go through the list that we have curated to ease down your complications. Some of these listings will be free while others will allow you to use them for a specific free trial period. Have a look!


This iOS emulator is exceedingly convenient to use. It offers premium services to the users. Appetize.io is one of the best solutions to cater to your needs. It needs you to upload your apps on its website, and you are sorted.

App developers can utilise this emulator for streaming iOS simulators in the browser for the purpose of embedding apps in websites. Testing and other steps involved in app development. The emulator gives you a free trial period of 100 minutes. Also, it allows you to monitor the usage from the dashboard and set up alerts for limits.


TestFlight is now owned by Apple. It allows app developers to beta test their iOS apps. Also, Apple officially recommends this emulator as the best testing method for apps.

It has extensive documentation which is a plus point for this iOS emulator for your PC. It supports apps related to iOS, watches OS, TV OS and iMessage. It also enables users to perform external beta testing of the apps. But it has a technical set up which is quite complicated and also requires App Store distribution profile. It is a free emulator.


This emulator does its job in the form of Chrome extension. It is extremely popular among the app developers for testing cross-platform HTML5 and mobile applications. Also, unlike TestFlight, it does not have a complicated setup. 

The aim of this emulator is to help the developers by offering features like HTML DOM inspection, JS debugging, Automated Testing and much more. It is possible to run the apps on several screen resolutions and devices that too in real-time. This emulator for your desktop does not require to be restarted, even when you choose a new device. This makes the user experienced quite smooth and hassle-free. This emulator, too, comes free of cost.


Several tools and equipment are there which provide an iPad or iPhones like experience on your PC and MAC. But those solutions do not allow users to upload code or app and test it. Instead, they perform like a custom layer over your OS. In case you wish to use an IOS simulator that is capable of imitating the design and appearance of iOS hardware, you can opt for ipadian. It is a paid iOS emulator for your PC. A free version is there too. But the free version is for the users who are interested in running the apps on their PCS. It is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

Electric mobile studio: It is again a paid emulator that helps in testing as well as running iOS apps on Windows PC. But a free trial period of seven days is offered to the users. Some of its best features include full-fledged emulation of iPhone, responsive apps and iPad. Also, the emulator enables the users to utilize the same product on two machines for common work purpose at the workplace or even at homes.

We hope you find this list of iOS emulators useful. Download anyone from amongst this acc0ording to your needs and requirements, and you will be able to run the apps or even test them on your PC.