5 Best Android Emulators to Play Android Games on Pc

If you love to play with the possibilities that an Android OS offers, such as installing third-party apps, altering the user interface, tweaking a change in the feel and look of the phone etc., then you will love to run the Android ecosystem on your Windows or Mac PC.

It is possible to simulate the complete Android experience on your PC using the emulators. Android emulators are extremely popular among gamers as well as app developers. General users too, utilise these emulators to experience the feel of Android complimented with a keyboard and mouse.

Android emulators come with endless possibilities on Windows 10. You can switch from your iPhone to Android, or can test out a custom ROM.

So, if you want to explore what else you can do by installing an Android emulator, have a look at the below-given list of five best Android emulators. Amidst the wide variety of emulators available out there, we know how difficult it may get to choose the right one.

So we have come up with a list of five most effective Android emulators that will give you a fantastic Android experience on your desktop. Have a look!


GameLoop has made it recently to the list of top Android emulators. Earlier, it was known as the Tencent Gaming Buddy. The emulator earlier supported a bunch of games, like PUBG, from the Tencent Developers. But now it offers extensive support to hugely popular game Call of Duty too. GameLoop is meant for Android gamers. It does not offer much support to other Android apps. Gamers definitely find this emulator exceedingly useful. 

GameLoop allows excellent keyboard and mouse integration. Also, it is an official partner of the game Call of Duty. Besides, it delivers high-end performance. So, if you want to play Android games like PUBG or Call of Duty, then GameLoop is definitely your cup of tea.


MEmu is a highly popular Android emulator for your PC. It allows you to play high-end Android games. The emulator is capable of offering considerably good features, which in turn makes the gameplay quite easy on PC.

MEmu enables users to customise high keyboard mapping. MEmu also allows virtualisation for your personal computer. Also, you will be glad to know that the emulator is compatible with NVidia, AMD and Intel.

Also, MEmu comes pre-loaded with Google Play Store. It allows you to browse and install the apps on your PC conveniently. Regular updates are available for the emulators. Thus new features keep getting added to the emulator and issues get fixed easily.


If we do not mention Bluestacks here, our list will be incomplete. It is one of the most sought after emulators for Windows and Mac PC. It is the perfect amalgamation of graphics, power and processing. The emulator allows users to play high graphics games.

It runs on the Nougat version. The emulator is six times faster than your smartphone. The emulator comes with an advanced key mapping and control system. Also, there’s an all-new game controls window. Also, the emulator allows you to take manual control settings according to your choice and preference. It is possible to run different apps using Bluestacks.

Remix OS Player

It is a heavily optimised emulator for playing games.  It allows users to map keyboard buttons as well as control the game according to your comfort. The developers have focussed on the area of gaming. The emulator is not compatible with AMD chipset. It requires Virtualisation Technology enabled in your BIOS. The emulator has a very clean and appealing user interface. There are a wide variety of customisation options available that allows the users to reap the benefits of Remix OS.

Also, it is a great platform for app developers to test their apps. The emulator is quite robust and comes with an inbuilt Play Store. The Game Toolkit that it offers to the users makes the games all the more enjoyable. This is the only emulator that allows users to play multiple games simultaneously. Remix OS runs on Marshmallow.

Genymotion Cloud

It is an extremely convenient and straightforward Android emulator which is dedicated towards the app developers. Genymotion allows you to run the Android apps over the cloud as a virtual machine. All you need is an updated browser and high internet speed.

The user interface of the emulator is quite intuitive and easy. You will need a powerful PC for the smooth functioning of the emulator. It allows users to test their apps as well as play games. The emulator gives you 1000 minutes of a free trial. There are a number of tools and plugins available for the purpose of testing the apps.

So, this is our preferred list of top five Android emulators. You can download any one from amongst them according to your needs and preferences, and you are good to go.